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What is a poker freeroll?

A freeroll is a poker tournament with no entry fee. The player is not on the hook for any real money and is essentially playing free online poker.

Are freerolls actually free?

Yes, although there are usually some restrictions.

Sometimes freerolls are limited to players who recently signed up for an online poker room while others are restricted to players who played a certain number of hands in the previous month.

Of course there are some freerolls where you can qualify for just being from a certain region or even being a Facebook fan of a famous poker player.

In reality there is free cash to be won for almost every type of poker player so be sure you have a look around and see where the best deals are.
Why do poker rooms offer freerolls?

Poker rooms usually offer freerolls as a way to attract new sign ups. It’s also a way for rooms to build loyalty with existing players and better establish their brand. In some ways it’s similar to have cell phone or cable companies offer the first month free.
What can I expect to win in freerolls?

The prizes in freerolls vary a great deal. Sometimes there are small stakes freerolls that only award a few bucks while there have been several freerolls that awarded $1 million in free cash. You can expect standard sign-up freeroll prizepools to be in the $500-$2,000 range.
How do I qualify for freerolls?

Usually by signing up for an online poker room. It’s also possible to qualify by generating a certain amount of frequent player points on a site you already frequent. Some sites even offer freerolls for contest winners or even Facebook fans.

Begin your real-cash poker profession without any threat by enjoying in a Freeroll match today. There are day by day Freerolls which open to all and with over 900 Freeroll tournaments every month, you possibly can earn your share of a prize pool worth $85,000.

Best Poker Freerolls tournaments are just like any other tournaments except that the buy-in is never cash. Many online poker sites offer freerolls that open to all players without any requirements. Other sites require a number of player points or raked hands in order to qualify for the event.

Best Poker Freerolls versions:

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1. Open Cash Freerolls
These cash-pot freerolls are accessible to virtually anyone with a registered account.

2. Restricted Freeroll Qualifiers
Freerolls that reward entry into other exciting tournaments. To enter this, you must fulfill a requirement such as having earned enough player points during a given period.

3. Restricted Cash FreeRolls
Freerolls where the prize is cash. All you have to do is finish in the prize pool. To collect your cash prize you may need to collect a number of player points.

4. Player Point Tournaments
Events that come with a buy-in cost not in cash or tickets – but in player points! E.g. FTP in full tilt poker.

Most if not all Internet poker sites have freeroll tournaments although in many cases require a payment of points to play. These points typically can only be earned by paying and playing real money hands which in essence is a payment required to play their ‘freerolls’ and therefore a loose use of the term ‘freeroll’. There are Internet sites that allow playing in freerolls without payment of any kind and with the chance to win real money.

Freeroll tournament tips.

1] Be prepared to accept losses.

As negative as it sounds, you really have to be prepared to lose when playing in freerolls. The best player in the world will have trouble placing well in any of these
freerolls because luck plays so much more of a factor than in any other tournament. If you focus too much on expecting to win, you will only be more disappointed and frustrated when you end up getting sucked out on for all your chips.

The best formula for online freerolls is to play well, and get lucky. You can’t control luck, but you can improve your chances of winning by playing lots of freeroll tournaments.

2] Play a lot of freerolls and play them well.

As mentioned above, we cannot expect to place well in all of the freerolls that we play in. By playing in more freerolls we are giving ourselves a better chance to finish in the money.

You can increase the number of freerolls available to you by signing up at a number of different poker rooms. Almost all rooms offer freerolls, and they are happy for you to sign up just to play in them. So now not only do we have to play well and be lucky, but we also have to play often.

3] Sit tight at the start.

The start of an online freeroll is always a bit of a frenzy. The luck riders will be straight into action, pushing all their chips in the middle with any two cards hoping for the quick double up at the start. This usually results in a rapid decrease in the number of players and you will find a few players sitting with monster stack sizes compared to the rest of the field.

This is only natural, so don’t think that you should have a large stack size like theirs to stand a chance of winning. Just sit tight wait for the good hands, and wait for your turn to double up. Do not be phased if you end up busting out early, just forget about it and head onto the next one, it’s probably only around the corner

4] Look out for the players sitting out.

If you look around the table at a freeroll, you should notice that some of the players are sitting out and not playing in any of the hands. This is because they have signed up for the tournament, but have not turned up to play in it. This means that their blinds will be up for grabs for anyone who decides to raise pre-flop and doesn’t come up against an opponent that is actually playing in the tournament.

Keep your eye out for the players who are sitting out, so that you can raise and take their blinds when you feel that you will not come up against any resistance from an actual player. Make sure that you pick your spots carefully, and try not to get into any heavy contests with any of your opponents for these free blinds.

5] Be aware of when the dynamics change.

As already mentioned, the start of a freeroll will be a complete frenzy. Players will be dropping out at a rapid rate and it seems like you will be in the money in no time. But you should realize that this pace will not be sustained throughout the tournament, and as the numbers decrease, the skill will increase.

Great tournament players are able to quickly identify and adapt to changes in the game.

As the luck riders drop out you will be left with opponents that have more of an idea of what they are doing, and they will now have their eyes on the money positions.

This means you can play more tactically, and use a few more plays that you couldn’t have used at the start, because these players will now actually be able to fold their hands. So be aware of when the transition from luck to poker starts to take place, because it will be time to change gears.

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